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Friday, July 29, 2005

Islamic Terrorists kidnapped five Hindus and slit their throats..

Islamic Terrorists have killed at least five people in Jammu and Kashmir's Rajouri District on Thursday night. All the victims were Hindus.

V K Singh, the deputy Inspector General of Police, Rajouri-Poonch area, told reporters that Islamic Terrorist stormed the Dhar Sakri area in Kandi Tehsil, kidnapped five Hindus and slit their throats in a nearby forest.

"The victims have been identified as Kannel Singh, Dharam Singh, Swaran Singh, Ashok Singh and Shambar Singh," the police official said.

Comments: Hindus have been killed by Muslims; in a country where Hindus are in majority.

Bomb Explosion in India kills 13 people

(Reuters) - Police in India said on Friday that an explosion in a train that left 13 people dead and dozens wounded was caused by a bomb planted in a toilet. There is enough evidence to confirm the use of RDX explosive," a member of a police bomb squad, who did not want to be named, told Reuters from the site.

Police said at least 20 of the 46 wounded were in critical condition.

In Thursday's explosion, witnesses said some bodies were flung from the door of the moving train after the explosion.

In 2000, just before India's independence day on August 15, a bomb went off in a train in Uttar Pradesh, killing 12 people and wounding 37; which was carried out by Islamic terrorists backed by Pakistan's spy agency ISI.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hindus killed in their own country...

Hindus killed in their own country...

A fight broke out between a Hindu and a Muslim family Tuesday night. A Hindu youth died after sustaining serious injuries in the fight, police said.

While his body was being taken for cremation Wednesday morning, around eight to 10 people in the funeral procession stoned the houses of Muslims.

"This led to clashes between the two communities. Incidents of stabbing took place and at least nine people were injured," Raut said. The condition of one injured person was serious.
"Curfew was clamped in the district," the official said.

Muslims and Hindus in Dhar have been at loggerheads for a long time over a religious shrine in the city that Hindus call Bhojshala temple and Muslims as Kamal Moula mosque.

A suicide bomber slammed a car into a Indian military jeep in Srinagar

(Reuters) - A suicide bomber slammed a car into a military jeep in Srinagar on Wednesday, killing six people -- including himself and four soldiers -- and wounding 17, police and hospital officials said.

"Suddenly there was a huge explosion," witness Ghulam Mohammad told Reuters. "I was thrown off my cycle. When I looked back I saw a lot of dust and smoke. I could hear people screaming for help."

At the site, soldiers picked up the bodies of their dead comrades and carried them away. The bomber's car was blown apart, the white military jeep he attacked left badly mangled.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Terrorist incursions in Kashmir raise security concerns

(IANS) A major attempt by terrorists to sneak into Jammu and Kashmir from Pakistan has raised serious questions about the effectiveness of the barbed wire fence and surveillance systems along the Line of Control (LoC).

A group of terrorists who infiltrated the fencing in the Gurez sector in northern Kashmir early last week were finally stopped by Indian troops almost 27 km from the border, senior army officers admitted here Tuesday.

The army used helicopters to airlift troops to strategic heights to prevent the terrorists from sneaking into the Kashmir Valley or the tourist resort of Sonamarg. The army officers admitted it was yet to be ascertained where and how the terrorists had crossed the LoC from Pakistan's Northern Areas, located opposite the Gurez sector.

A total of 105 terrorists were gunned down during infiltration bids this year, with the highest number of 47 "kills" registered in July.

India, US sign pact to become strategic allies

(IANS) India and the US, the world's largest democracies, have established a path-breaking accord that seeks to recognise New Delhi as a nuclear power and makes it a strategic ally of Washington.

Finally burying the lingering suspicions of the Cold War, the US late Monday acknowledged India as a favoured recipient of high technology for civil nuclear purposes, space and even "dual uses".

The new friendship, reflected in a seminal India-US joint statement released after intense talks between President George W. Bush and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at the White House, is all encompassing in its sweep.

The statement said the two countries had established a global partnership to forge a new relationship that would promote stability, democracy, prosperity and peace throughout the world.

The most striking feature of the agreement is the de facto US recognition of India as a nuclear weapon power that would enjoy "benefits and advantages" of a nuclear power. In the process, Washington would have to change its laws and policies and adjust international regimes to enable full civil nuclear energy cooperation and trade with New Delhi.

In the process, India will become eligible for supply of critical nuclear fuel under a highly strategic bilateral agreement for its nuclear reactors at Tarapur, a US-built facility near Mumbai. Washington stopped supplying low-enriched uranium after it signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in 1974.

This is the first time a president of the United States had promised he would work to remove restrictive regimes against India to enable the country to enjoy the same rights and privileges as any other nuclear weapon state.

Monday, July 18, 2005

LeT continues to operate with impunity in Pak: ICG

(ANI): Brussels based International Crisis Group has said that the Musharraf regime had failed to curb extremist religious militants from waging Jihad in Jammu and Kashmir.
The Group's South Asia Project Director, Samina Ahmed and its media director Andrew Stroehlein, in an article in the Washington Post, said that the Lashkar-e-Toiba was a fine example of how despite being officially banned in 2002, it carried on its jihadi activities under different names.

"The Lashkar-i-Taiba is an excellent example of how the Musharraf government has failed to curb extremist religious militants. Though formally banned in 2002, Lashkar-i-Taiba has renamed itself Jamaatud Dawa and continued its activities, including the promotion of jihad in Kashmir, where it has openly claimed responsibility for terrorist attacks," the Daily Times quoted the article as saying.

They further said that Lashkar leader Hafiz Sayeed was also temporarily detained, under Pakistan Maintenance of Public Order legislation, which is much less stringent than the federal Anti-Terrorism Act.

"Lashkar leader Hafiz Sayeed was temporarily detained, but only under Pakistan's Maintenance of Public Order legislation, not its much more stringent Anti-Terrorism Act. His detention was short. rominent figures from this and other formally banned groups such as Sipah-i-Sahaba and Jaish-e-Mohammed appear to enjoy 'virtual immunity from the law'," the report added. (ANI)

Missing Pakistanis could be in Himachal Pradesh

(IANS) Dozens of Pakistanis who went missing after a cricket match between the two countries earlier this year could be in Himachal Pradesh, say police.

The Intelligence Bureau has reportedly alerted the state government saying the missing Pakistanis could be hiding in Shimla, Kinnaur and Kullu districts of the state besides some other places in the country.

"We have alerted the police chiefs of all these three districts," said Additional State Police Chief B.S. Thind.

Nearly 3,800 Pakistani fans were given visas by the Indian government to witness a Test match between India and Pakistan in Mohali in March.

After the match, 55 Pakistanis failed to report at the Wagah border, arousing the suspicion of the authorities in India.

Police across the country were put on high alert after the recent attempt by terrorists to break into the disputed Ram temple complex in Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh.

Expectations high as Manmohan Singh visits U.S.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - India's prime minister will be warmly received during his visit to the United States beginning on Monday, but he may be disappointed in his quest for nuclear technology and a U.N. Security Council seat.

Comment : India should not beg for UN Security Council seat.

Experts warn that while Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's state visit will symbolize warming ties between countries that were on opposite sides of the Cold War, the United States and India still disagree over Iran and other strategic issues.

Comment : Iran has a President who was one of the hostage takers in 1970s, when Amercians were taken hostage, in a 444 days long drama. Why should we not support US and also join them in the war on terror by atleast supporting them vocally, if not militarily.

The most important issue which PM should raise is about the continued presence of Islamic Terrorists in Pakistan, the terrorist training camps and infiltration across the borders. Even the Islamic terrorists involved in the recent terrorist attack on London were Pakistanis. PM should stress these points repeatedly during his meetings in US.

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