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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Hindu family harassed in Pakistan

(ANI) A Hindu family from a low cast living in Pakistan's Sindh province has alleged that Sindh Chief Minister Arbab Rahim's relatives had kidnapped one of its family members and kept at an undisclosed place for the past many days.

Mai Dhuno (60) alleged that her son Atam was kidnapped after he resisted to sexual assault on his wife by Chief Minister Rahim's relative Arbab Ata-ur Rehman. She requested to the Pakistan government to secure a safe release of her son.

Atam was picked up by the Sindh government on the chief minister's direction because he resisted the "atrocities of his relatives", including an alleged sexual assault by Arbab Ata-ur Rehman on his wife. Atam worked in a brick kiln, the Daily Times quoted her as saying.

She added: "Our scheduled cast is taken for granted by the local lords. We have separate wells in the area and are not allowed to get water from the wells devoted to the Muslim community."

According to her, in 2002 Arbab had forced entry into their home and sexually assaulted Atam's wife. Atam had retaliated with a club, and had managed to fend off the attackers who then fled. "Later we left the town in fear that they would strike back. This event took place near the 2002 elections. The feudal lords guaranteed a safe return to my family so that the Arbab family would not lose its vote bank. The Meghwars and other scheduled Hindu casts are in a majority in the constituency," she said.

"But on the night of May 17, they entered our homes forcibly and abducted Atam."

Comment : Instead of visiting the Jinnah's Tomb, why did Advani not visit the Hindu family. Reason is obvious. There is a competition between Advani and Vajpayee for the Noble peace prize.

Advani quits as BJP president

Lal Krishna Advani quit as president of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Tuesday after angering Hindu nationalist allies with comments during a visit to Pakistan, but remains leader of the opposition coalition for now. A BJP official said Advani, a former deputy prime minister, had resigned from the party post a day after returning from a week-long visit to Pakistan, where he praised the Islamic nation's father, Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

Hindu groups led by the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS), the BJP's ideological parent, regard Jinnah as a Muslim fundamentalist and blame him for the partition of the subcontinent.
More than a million people died in religious violence during the chaotic partition when the subcontinent was divided into Muslim Pakistan and majority-Hindu India.

Some RSS leaders on Monday demanded Advani withdraw his remarks. Jinnah pushed for the creation of Pakistan when Britain pulled out of its Indian colony in 1947.

"I am sure acceding to my request (to resign) would be in the best interest of the great cause I have served all my life, as also of the party which has given me so much," Advani said in his resignation letter, a copy of which was distributed to reporters.

Comment : Peace with Pakistan is never possible. So there is no need for Advani, Vajpayee, Manmohan or any other Politician to have talks with Pakistan. The peace talks is a waste of time. Why are we not concentrating on other issues than having peace with Pakistan, which will never possible.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

What exactly is Advani trying to say ?

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president L.K. Advani has been targeted by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) after he expressed regret at the 1992 Babri mosque demolition. Touring Pakistan, Advani had said earlier this week that the day the Babri mosque in the north Indian town of Ayodhya was demolished was the saddest day of his life.

The VHP, has criticised Advani's statement and demanded an apology. It has also launched a mass campaign against Advani. In the city, which is incidentally a part of Advani's constituency, banners were seen in many places and slogans were written on walls that targeted Advani in a strong language.

"Advani, jawab do: Pakistan ne kya khilaya-pilaya? Miyan Musharraf tera baap kehalaya" (Advani, answer this - What food and drinks did Pakistan treat you with? Have you taken Musharraf to be your father?), says one slogan. Another one asks him, "Saat bar Somnath toota, kisne maafi maangi? Ayodhya mein toota wo mandir tha, phir kyun maafi maangi?" (The Hindu temple of Somnath was demolished seven times, who apologised for it? What was demolished in Ayodhya was a temple, then why apologise for it?)

An SMS text message has also been doing rounds in the state, stating, "Jootha khel, joothi baani: Hindu drohi hai Advani" (Foul game, foul language, Advani has wronged Hindus).

VHP leader Ashok Singhal and VHP international secretary Pravin Togadia, have demanded Advani's apology. "Wasn't the partition of this country and Advani's coming here (in India) as a refugee a more shameful event in his life than December 6, 1992 (date of the Babri demolition)?" Togadia asked in a statement. He added, "Nobody has apologised till today for the demolition of Hindu temples in Kashi, Mathura and Ayodhya. What is Advani trying to prove by issuing such a statement in Pakistan?"

Comment : Why target Advani, when Vajpayee had also made similar statements earlier. In fact why do the Hindus rely on the Politicians. Hindus need a mass movement, to throw out such Politicians. As regards the statement on the demolition, Advani seems to be having less knowledge of the history. He seems to have forgotten, the so-called Babri Mosque was built after demolishing a Hindu Temple. While demolishing the so-called Babri Mosque, some say that the Hindus behaved like the Muslims on December 6 1992. But it is wrong to treat the demolition of the so-called Mosque as a mere retribution for more than 3000 temple destructions by Islamic barbarians going back a thousand years. That would place the Islamic barbarians and the Hindus on the same moral plane which we feel as a historic error. What the Hindus were trying to recover was not merely the so-called mosque built over their sacred Temple, but the true history of their land. The Dec 6 demolition was a symbol of the emergence of the Indian Civilization. And it is just a start….

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Move to 'Islamise' Lahore streets attracts criticism

(ANI): The Lahore district administration's decision to change the names of as many as 38 streets named after Hindu personalities has attracted a severe criticism from among the intellectual class in the city. They call it an attempt to erase the history and a worthless exercise.

According to the Daily Times, the Lahore district government recently adopted a resolution to re-christen the 38 streets named after Hindu personalities, and set names for 20 others which don't have proper nouns so far.

After passing the "unanimous" resolution, the district government advertised in the newspapers notifying the public about its plans and calling on the public to voice objections, if any.

"It's amusing to say the least," the Daily Times quoted Beaconhouse University's dean of the school of visuals Saleema Hashmi as sasying. "We are erasing history instead of making it. It looks superficial and based on prejudice rather than anything else," she said adding "the city government, it seems has nothing better to do."

Similarly, prominent architect Nayyar Ali Dada condemned the effort saying - "We should not try to change the course of history. What are we trying to prove here? No one can champion the cause of Islam by changing the names of streets."

According to the paper, Lahore Conservation Society secretary Dr Ajaz Anwar said that the character of the city was being desecrated by introducing such things. "They cannot change history by changing names. The best anyone can achieve from the exercise is that mail will be lost, and the new names will be unfamiliar to everyone. History, good or bad, has happened and is part of our past," said Anwar.

Comment : The people of Pakistan may criticise, but district administration wants to go ahead with the plans. The Secular India has not changed the names of its streets and towns like Aurangabad, Daulatabad, Hyderabad etc... And many more Mosques built after demolishing Temples... But the Secular India has not yet changed the names and demolished the Mosques, exception being the so-called Babri Mosque. But the Islamic Republic of Pakistan which already is fully Islamic and has wiped of most of Hindus and Hindu symbols during the partition are now going ahead with the rest. Hindus could not avoid the partition, so what can they do now ?

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