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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Two Hindus of West Bengal killed by Bangladeshis

(ANI): Tension has flared along the Indo-Bangladesh border as two villagers were allegedly killed and another was injured when some Bangladeshis attacked them at Hogolberia village early this morning.

According to the police, a group of Bangladeshis first stabbed Amit Mandal (20) and Gautam Karmakar (28) in the wee hours and then shot them dead. The village is near the border in West Bengal's Nadia district.

Sunil Mandal, another victime of the attack, suffered minor injury and is recuperating at Saktinagar Hospital. Police has still not found any clue about the motive behind the attack and is investigating the shocking incident. (ANI)

Comment : The gang, which apparently did not touch any valuable article, later managed to escape. What it means, is that it was not a ordinary gang, but group of Islamic Terrorists, once again entering Bharat, and killing Hindus and the shameless state Government of W.Bengal is not taking any action.

Hindus killed in their own country, that too by Bangladeshis by entering the state of W. Bengal, and then just escaping.......

Oh!! Hindus of Bharat !!! Arise, Awake and Stop not till the goal is reached.

"Al-laugh-oh" Bharat

(The Pioneer) In a scathing criticism of the Prime Minister, theDelhi High Court on Wednesday enquired whether thePrime Minister responds to any private person's queries? "How can you (the Prime Minister) entertaincommunication with any private person," asked the bench referring to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh'sletter to Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid assuring that the mosque would not be declared a protected monument.

Comments by S V Badri:
1. Even on matters that are sub-judice, The PM communicates to a private person because the private person happens to be the Shahi Imam.
2. The government submits to the court, files that are deliberately tampered.
3. The government gave money to Shahi Imam for theupkeep of a property, which was in possession of theWakf Board !!! Rob Hindus to pay sullahs.
4. The court also asks the government to file anaffidavit stating how much money of the publicexchequer was spent on sites such as Jama Masjid without declaring them as protected monuments.

Having been apprised of the letter written by thePrime Minister on October 20, 2004, the Division Benchof Chief Justice BC Patel and Justice Sanjay KishanKaul had directed the Centre to produce the filescontaining the said letter.

Hearing a public interest litigation (PIL) that soughtthe court's intervention to preserve the 17th centurymosque for its better maintenance, the High Courtfailed to understand why the Prime Minister wasrequired to respond to the Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid,that too on an issue which is subjudice before the court.

While the Delhi Wakf Board is the custodian of themosque property, the court held the view that the"government must deal with the owner of the property".The court thus took strong exception to the PrimeMinister's letter to Imam, who was virtually a nobodyas regards the matter.

The Centre produced the 35-page file of the Ministryof Culture which contained the said letter of thePrime Minister before the court. However on perusal,the court noted that the relevant portion of the filerelating to the Prime Minister's communication wasmissing. Observing this in its order, the bench said,"Page number 9 is missing from the file which has 35pages. Produce it in the court before the hearingtomorrow (Thursday)." Even the end notings on the filewere missing, they noted.

The judges also asked the government to file anaffidavit stating how much money of the publicexchequer was spent on sites such as Jama Masjidwithout declaring them as protected monuments. Thecourt further questioned how the government gave moneyto Shahi Imam for the upkeep of a property which wasin possession of the Wakf Board.

The court while taking cognisance of the fadingelegance of the mosque, sought to know why the Wakfhad failed to take up this issue with the Centre.Minor and major repairs were required to be carriedout in the mosque, which can only commence once thestructure is declared a protected monument, the courtopined.

The court has made several futile efforts to broker adeal between the ASI and Delhi Wakf Board. While ASIis agreeable to draw out a memorandum of understanding(MoU) with the Wakf Board, making adequate provisionsto protect the religious rights of 'masjid' in termsof the Act, the Wakf has been expressing reservationson the issue since it fears the same would infringe onthe rights of the Muslim community.

Since the mosque needs to be protected as a place ofworship where devotees can offer prayers and religiousrites can be performed without any interruption, theWakf is apprehensive that by declaring the structureas protected, the ASI is bound to effect certain restrictions.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Outfit claims it can collect ‘tax’ from Nagas anywhere.

The National Socialist Council of Nagalim (Isak-Muivah) today reacted angrily to the arrest of its “town commander” from Haflong in Assam’s North Cachar district, claiming that the outfit has the legitimacy to “collect taxes” from Nagas “wherever they are”.

Mahek Taotao was picked up by the army during an early morning swoop on an office of the NSCN (I-M) at Lohgmang near the district headquarters town yesterday. He was later handed over to the police and formally arrested.

Army officials based in North Cachar claimed that the arrest of the NSCN (I-M) leader was a “major success” and would bring down cases of extortion in the insurgency-ravaged district. “Mahek was caught by surprise during the raid by troops of the 306 Medium Artillery Regiment and could not offer any resistance,” an army official said.

The outfit, which is fighting for Nagalim, a independent Christland, collects an annual tax in Nagaland, which can be as high as 15 per cent of the monthly salary of a government employee.

Red alert in Arunachal over exodus from Assam.

UNI reports, Arunachal Pradesh has sounded a red alert throughout its border to prevent infiltration of Bangladeshis, after 15,000 suspected illegal Bangladesi immigrants left Assam recently following a ‘social action’ reportedly initiated by Dibrugarh-based NGO, Chiring Chapori Yuva Manch (CCYM).

Inspector general of police (IGP), Mr T Mohan said that the state police was aware of the situation in the neighbouring state and that the SPs of the districts bordering Assam have been alerted to maintain a strict vigil and check inner-line permits (ILPs) thoroughly to prevent illegal entry of people with doubtful antecedents.

“Land-locked Arunachal is not free from this influx problem as Bangladeshis are used here as cheap labour force for all types of works,” he said. Though ILP is in force in Arunachal and any Indian will have to obtain a permit to legally enter this state, the porous borders were conducive for the foreigners to intrude into the state without the knowledge of the authorities and police.

Of the 16 districts, West Kameng, East Kameng, Papum Pare, Lower Subansiri, West Siang, East Siang, Lower Dibang Valley, Lohit, Changlag and Tirap districts bordering Assam have open borders with very few check gates, which regulate to and fro movement of the people as well as visitors.

An SMS— ‘Save nation, save identity, let’s take an oath — no food, no job, no shelter to Bangladeshis. Start a complete economic blockade to illegal migrants” — has been doing the rounds among the cell phone users in Assam, where the politicians have been accused of using these foreigners as vote banks for decades.

Meanwhile ULFA has made a surprising statement that, "Indigenous" Muslims are being harassed in the name of evicting suspected Bangladesh migrant workers from the state. The outlawed ULFA, fighting for an independent Assamese homeland in Assam, said there were attempts at creating communal clashes in the state while trying to hound suspected Bangladeshi nationals from the region.

LeT terrorist nabbed in Delhi

(ANI): Police today said they have arrested a suspected rebel of the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) group, a day after twin blasts rocked the city.

The blasts, which ripped through cinemas packed with weekend crowds, occurred on the first anniversary of prime minister Manmohan Singh's government. The government says the blasts that killed one person could have been timed to match its anniversary but no group has claimed responsibility.

Police last night arrested Mohammad Irshad Ahmed Ittoo, with 5.5 kilogram of RDX (Research Developed Explosives). Ashok Chand, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Special cell, said Ittoo, a Pakistani national, had been frequenting New Delhi since 1999 and was in the capital to set up base for LeT in the city.

"We had information and followed Mohammed Ishaq, he was going to deliver a consignment to an associate Imran. He waited for a few hours, when Imran did not turn up and he was leaving, we apprehended him and on search recovered 5.5 kilograms RDX and detonator. Then when we searched more areas and recovered 250,000 rupees.," said Chand.

Police were investigating for any links with the twin blasts in which one was killed and several others injured. From interrogations till now we have not found any link with the blasts which occurred in Delhi yesterday," said Chand.(ANI)

(ANI): Meanwhile, Cinema halls across the country pulled down the controversial film "Jo Bole So Nihal" despite pleas from the filmmakers to continue screening, a day after twin blasts tore through two cinema halls screening the movie in New Delhi.

The Shiromoni Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee, SGPC, had taken offence at the title and to some scenes that showed characters entering gurudwaras without removing their shoes or covering their heads-considered sacrilege-and demanded an immediate ban of the film.

Though Bollywood's top filmmakers, producers and distributors, who held an emergency meeting in Mumbai, have protested the knee jerk reaction to pull the film, theatre owners say they are not willing to take risks.

Bankrupt AP Endowment Department and the christist CM

Bankrupt AP Endowment Department and the christist CM-Y Samuel Rajasekara Reddy

Article sent to:presidentofindia@rb.nic.in
-- By S V Badri

Dear President,

I am pained to write this. I find no option. Because Iam hurt at the way the Mandirs are silently beingstripped by christist Y Samuel Rajasekhara Reddy garu,CM of AP and no body seems to care. I request yourimmediate intervention and render justice to theHindus and Hindu institutions.

and was also mailed to the following:

Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh – Sri Y SamuelRajasekhara Reddy- cmap@ap.gov.in, cmap@ap.nic.in,drysr@ap.gov.in

Endowment Minister of Andhra Pradesh- Sri MSatyanarayana- min_endo@ap.gov.in

Read my special request to the Hindus and Hinduinstitutions/ organizations all over the world andshoot your protests to the above three gentlemen. Ourinstitutions are seriously getting eroded. If you careto have your great-grand child see them remain asHindu institutions, show your concern. NOW.


Religious money

Give me an honest answer. You visit Bhagawan TirupatiVenkateshwara’s Mandir (Balaji Mandir) or any Mandirin Andhra Pradesh .You have the devotion to make amonetary offering into the Hundi. You feel it is yourprivate equation with the Bhagawan. You fulfil yourPrarthana as you make a humble drop into to the Hundi.Some of you have saved this money painfully over yearsand in several cases enduring pangs of hunger to makethis offering. That is the extent of your devotion.

Secular money

Are you aware that till the last nano-second that themoney or the offering was in your hands, it was“religious money” because your Bhakti veils youreyes as you think that this money that is offered willbe sacredly used by the A P Government for Hindureligious purposes like maintainence of the Mandir,its’ development and for propagation of Hindureligious causes, payment of salaries of Archakas orfor the regular conduct of Pujas and rituals as perthe Aagamas and Sastras. You assume this is what theAP Government is doing with your offering, becausethis is a Hindu Mandir and you are a devout Hinduoffering the money out of total surrender to theBhagawan. You are painfully ignorant what happens tothis money once it gets into the Hundi. You justassume that it is being used for a Hindu cause.Perhaps you are one of those who just does not carebecause your job is done and it is up to the Mandirsto use it as they deemed fit. Yes Mandirs will use itas they deem fit if they are out of Governmentcontrol. So if you think that your money is used onlyfor Hindu purposes, banish the thought.

Because, the moment the money slips into the Hundi,the Government “converts” it into “secular money”.

How can you explain why Mandir funds alone should bethe target of the Government to draw as they pleasefor other than Hindu religious purposes?

Money down the drain

Take for instance, the recent decision of theGovernment and the Government sponsored TTD Board tospend the Bhakta’s “religious money” for “secular”purpose of constructing the underground drainage.

Tell me if it is the duty of the Government to providethe drainage or the duty of the Mandir? So your moneyfinds its way down the drain.

Or its diversion to the Veterinary Collegedevelopment, not connected to the religiousinstitution? Whose responsibility is this, theGovernment’s or the Mandir’s?

Will Lallu give Railway lands for mandirconstructions?

The AP Government through the TUDA (Tirupati UrbanDevelopment Authority) demanded from the TTD a sum ofRs 6 crores towards property and other taxes so itcould have the money required to construct a IdgahMaidan on the Railway lands abetting the Bhagawan’slands. Obviously, because it is Idgah Maidan, secularLallu did not object. And the secularists rushed tofacilitate its completion. What if a Hindu wanted toconstruct a Mandir on the Railway lands? Will the same secularists come forward with such glee? Remember,Lallu ordered removal of Mandirs on Railway lands?

Christist YSR unhappy with his Endowment Minister

I am told that the money was stopped in the lastminute after strong protests and the intervention ofthe Endowment Minister, M Satyanarayana, who as Iunderstand, is fighting a losing battle against thechristist YSR. Well placed sources indicate that thisminister is likely to lose his berth unless he“converts” himself from being a good Hindu to being a“adorable-secularist” as the christist YSR wants himto be. Meaning, YSR does not want the Minister toraise objections to the usage of Mandir funds forMonotheistic religious purposes. Knowledgeable circlesin AP confided with me that the christist YSR takesjoy in making the officials of the EndowmentDepartment to over-rule the Minister and to ridiculehim at every opportunity. People who were presentduring the “Ugadi Puraskarams” functions this year arewitness to how the Endowment Minister was humiliatedand made most uncomfortable by the christist YSR. InBhadrachalam, where 12 acres of lands belonging to theSri Rama Mandiram was given away to a christistorganisation (apparently for the construction of aschool there), who ended up constructing a church forconverting the local tribals. The Minister wasapparently unhappy with this and was denied theprotocol honours during his recent visit for Sri RamaNavami celebrations.

Money for Idgah maidan- Yes; Money for Mandirrenovation - No

YSR found Rs 6 crores for the construction of theIdgah Maidan in the Holy Town of Tirupati . But canfind no money when 10,000 Mandirs languish for fundsin the very backward areas of his State. He will notgive them Mandirs. As a true christist he wants themto remain a fertile ground for the breed of new phorenevangelicals to arrive and harvest.

Plant a church. Plant 50. Plant 100. Plant a1000.......

YSR’s folks in the Adventists will give them churchesinstead. Plant a church. Plant hundred. Plant athousand. After all, did he not ask the Adventists tomake a church on his farm land for the benefit of 300converts? How can a Hindu trust this man who is moreevangelical in his mission than the Pope BenedictXVII? And the worst, he does it masquerading as aHindu. Many would not even know that he is aconvert/born again christist.

Render the ground fertile. So the phirangis come to harvest.

With Mandirs and Mandir activity renderedsystematically extinct in backward areas, it is nowonder that our Dalit and backward Hindu brethern findthemself spiritually bankrupt. Because christists likeYSR want them to be spiritually bankrupt so themissionaries can come and take over their souls withtheir brand of hatred of Hindu practices and Godsdisguised as love and social service. YSR is silentlymaking room for the imported evangilicals to usurpthe dalits and the backwards so they can bear thecross for the rest of their lives. And he can bank ontheir votes at the call of a Samuel. Shame.

Are Hindus incompetent to run their institutionalaffairs?

The recent decision to facilitate christianinfiltration into the TTD affairs through the Ugranammaterial deal with the firm owned by a SyiranChristian of Kerala and the tele-medical facility dealhe inaugurated, between SVIMS (Sri VenkateswaraInstitute of Medical Sciences) and the christistinstitutions like the Frontline / Madras MedicalMission combo of Dr Cherian should also make thesecularits proud. Because for the likes of christistYSR, Mandirs are for mad people while the creativeones rush to the church. How can Hindus expect him tobe sensitive to their issues? Tomorrow, he will havechristian auditors, christian administrators or evenchristian parishioners doing Yesu Sahasranama toBhagawan Venkateshwara. Who knows what my grand childhas to witness in this sacred Mandir years from now?

Mandir money for “secular sexual” use

A P Government had recently decided to construct guesthouses and rest rooms on various highways using theTTD money. Bhagawan’s money will be put to some“secular sexual use” to create rendezvous for thebenefit of some unscrouplous ministers and bureaucratsto sleep with the concubines.

Where is Hindu religious cause here? Why should onepermit the TTD to become the Government appointednodal agency to appease minorities or to undertakeprojects other than the Hindu Dharmic ones?

Page 3 Chairman and the christist broker

Both The flamboyant Page 3 personality and TTDChairman, T Subbirami Reddy (Cong-I) and the christistYSR Government owe an explanation to the Bhaktas ofBhagawan Venkateshwara for betraying our trust. Joinme in my prayers to the Kaliyuga Nayaka, SriVenkateshwara (Bhagawan Balaji) to render the mostsevere punishment on each one of these starting fromchristist YSR down to the last peon who is involved inthis systematic assault, rape, plunder and loot of HisMandir and its possessions.

Lessons from christist YSR Government on How to ruina prosperous Mandir:

Let us now examine the orderly way the christist YSRgovernment acts to make all our Hindu Mandirs gobankrupt. Before one starts reading this, it should bestored in our minds that the Government has taken overthe Hindu Mandirs as a Trustee. It has no right ofownership. And you will come to the conclusion thatthis A P Government is worse than the Britishers whenit comes to inflicting damage on our Hinduinstitutions and the Hindus as a whole.

There are 370,000 acres of Mandir lands in AP. Ofthis, the Endowment Department does not even haverecords of lands to the extent of 100,000 acres. Doesthis surprise you? The Hindu Religious EndowmentDepartment is infiltrated by christian administratorsin the guise of Hindus.

So we have a trustee who does not even have properaccounting system. What should you do to him? Whatwould you do if your accountant failed you? Trash him?Throw him out? And what are we doing to these trusteeswho have betrayed our trust.

A Ministry that does not have annual budgetary allocation

You might be surprised to learn that the AP HinduReligious Endowment Department is the only departmentin AP which does not get a single Rupee as the AnnualBudgetary allocation from the A P Government. So thisDeparment has no Governmental source of funding. Thenhow does this department manage to run its blastingpath of systematic destruction of our Mandirs? Howdoes it manage the vast empire of unwanted elements inthe garb of employees?

Simple. In addition to having all the Mandir resourcesat its control, It collects 15% of total revenues fromLarger Mandirs like the Tirupati Mandir and 12% fromsmaller Mandirs. In addition, it collects 3% uniformlyfrom all the Mandirs towards what it has called as“common-good-fund”. Anything that starts with the wordCommon is just plain bullshit. You saw that in theCommon Minimum Programme, too. Didn’t you? Now, theGovernment, in addition to dipping its hands into theHundi collections can just can dip into this common-good -fund also for any activity of its choice –depending on if the CM was a christist or a muslim ora commie or an athiest or just an anti-national blokewho wants to cremate Hindu institutions and scatterits ashes across the Vatican or the Mecca like theGhazni did of the Dwaraka’s Murti of Bhagawan Krishna.

Check the AP government Website and show me theEndowment Department there:

It might surprise you that the Endownment Departmentis not featured in the Official website of theGovernment of AP while even the minority welfare has alink presented in the website. So our Trustee is verysecretive. Wants to hide from the public glare. Andleast credible because he shuns the public domain.What is it afraid of?

Known christists – unknown christists

Take a look at the number of known christists who ruled the State since its formation:
1. Kasu Brahmhananda Reddy
2. N.Janardhana Reddy
3. Y Samuel Rajasekhara Reddy

Add to these three christians, sympathisers of thevariety of Chandra Babu Naidu, whose regime saw theState-sponsored and facilitated upshoot of thetowering statues of Mother Teresa competing withAmbedkar in every nook and corner of AP. There arealso strong rumours doing rounds that Chandra Babu’swife, Bhuvaneshwari (daughter of the Late NTR)practices christianity secretly and is in touch withthe seventh day adventist missionary. Readers shouldalso know that it is believed in certain circles thatChandrababu Naidu has interests in an abattoir withSaudi links that slaughters countless cows for exportof beef. If this is true I am not amazed why he wasthe first to take the flight to meet Vajpayee and“strongly” demand the dropping of the very idea of aPrevention of Cow slaughter Bill, when BJP was Hinduenough in its early days of governance.

Sanction for the repairs – Hindus get into debt trap

Days before Chandra babu Naidu of TDP lost hiselections, he sanctioned Rs. 75 crores towards repairsand restoration of some Mandirs in AP. The EndowmentDepartment had no funds. The Government undertook thework. And in many cases, the presiding deities weredragged out into the open under the pretext ofrenovation and left to fend for themselves, thevagaries of Nature. In some Mandirs local bhaktasformed groups to facilitate renovations. Such billsran up to Rs 48 crores. And the Government made just atoken re-imbursement, thus putiing various HinduBhaktas into a debt trap. The Government still owesthis money.

Now, where does it decide to look for the money?

The Government has already started plundering theTirupati Balaji’s wealth. Now, it wants to be seen asbeing fair to Him. It does not want people to perceiveit as being selective in its destruction. So tells theworld that Tirupati Balaji was not willing to givemoney for these projects so they have to scout foranother Mandir, to satiate their rapacious appetitefor systematic destruction of Hindu institutions. Iwould like to call this as: The Secular chain reactionto the deliberate distribution of destruction.

Simhachalam Narasimha Swamy – A P Government’s newtarget of plunder:

The Government has now set its eyes on Simhachalam. OnSimhadri Narasimha Swami. And His thousands of acresof lands. These lands are in the Vizag district ofAndhra Pradesh. About 1500 to 2000 acres of theselands are under illegal occupation. In most cases, itis simply not traceable as to who sold these lands andto whom, the registration has long since been done,with the connivance of various ministers andofficials. Thousands of houses and bungalows have comeup on these illegally occupied lands. The currentoccupants claim that they have been in the “enjoyment”of these lands for the past 10 to 15 years and if theGovernment comes forward to “regularize” the landtransaction and decide on the price, they are willingto pay. Now, even squatters make the rules.

Can you give a honest figure, YSR?

Will the Government dare reveal how many practitionersof other than Hindu faith who constitute these largenumber of illegal occupants? Or publish the number ofchurches / mosques that have come up on these Mandirlands? In 1842 , in the whole of Madras presidency,the number of churches were 847 and of Roman Catholicdenomination. A current estimate says that there are amillion churches in the same region. Where did thisgrowth and the money for such a growth come from? Injust 100 plus years.

A new Committee is born in the barn. Some have seenstars and dollar signs

A few years ago a committee was formed for the expresspurpose of “regularizing” these illegal occupations ofthe lands belonging to Simhadri Narasimha SwamiMandir. The committee lied low, perhaps taking time tomake its own deals by virtue of being given theoppurtunity to officially deal with the squatters.Now, the christist YSR Government has formed a newCommittee comprising of a few MLAs and officials tolook into this matter of “regularizing” the land infavour of the illegal occupants. This committee isexpected to submit its report shortly, highlightingits observations and recommendations. The price perSquare Yard is under consideration. The lands wherethere are no constructions will be sold “as is whereis”. They expect a inflow of Rs. 125 crores. Of this,Rs. 48 crores will be disbursed towards works alreadycommitted and in progress. The rest will be used forthe requirements and running of the A P EndowmentDepartment. This is as far as the 2000 acres of theSimhadri Mandir lands, now concluded as in illegaloccupation by squatters, of whichever faith anddenomination they belong to.

Government decides to sell Over 100,000 acres ofMandir lands in AP

In addition to the lands belonging to the Mandir ofSimhachalam Sri Narasimha Swamy, the EndowmentDepartment has decided to sell 100,000 acres of landsbelonging to various Mandirs in AP and which areeither under dispute or have been illegally occupiedby all and sundry. The Government has decided that acommittee comprising of all the MLAs will beconstituted for this purpose. This committee isenpowered to decide the price. There are 370,000 acresof Mandir lands under the control of the EndowmentDepartment. Of this, the department has no records forMandir lands to the extent of 100,000 acres. Of therest of 270,000 acres, thousands of acres are underillegal occupation.

Who gives this christist Government the right to sell the Mandir lands?

Why should the Hindu Samaj remain indifferent andinactive to such naked aggression and rape of ourrevered institutions by a christist? The kings ofyesteryears were the Trustees of our Mandirs in theirtime. They were only keen to add to the Mandir assetswith each passing year. The current day kings, and theborn-again christist kings like YSR, seem to deem ittheir duty to the church as they systematically stripus to the last fibre and parade us as pagans.

Take a look hard look at few of these facts:

1. 10,000 Mandirs in AP alone are in the worstpossible state. There is no money for lighting asingle lamp each day. Nor is Nivedyam presented to thePresiding Deity each day. In many Mandirs there is nomoney to pay for the salaries of the staff and theArchakas.WILL THEY DO THIS TO THE CHURCH OWNED LANDS?

2. The church is the largest real-estate owner in thecountry, next only to the Government and no singleGovernment dares to bring this under its control. Norcan it ever dream of using the church lands for socialjustice measures like giving it away to dalits or thenaxals or to Hindu religion for constructing Mandirsor the much needed Hindu schools/ Patashalas, Informedsources say that the naxal distribution of Mandirlands in AP is happening with the very blessings ofthe christist YSR. After all when it comes to Hindus,the Government which is just a “trustee” will suddenlyassume “ownership” of these lands while bartering itfor vote-bank politics and for appeasement ofminorities.

3. Let us assume that I form a Trust and do what theAP Government is doing today as a Trustee. I would beinstantly prosecuted and hauled in for fraudulentactivity, betrayal of trust and would be ordered todismantle it, under the law of the land. It is evident that The A P Government seems toconclude that it is above the Trust laws. It can do what it pleases when it comes to destroying Hinduinstitutions. And the trust that the Hindu Bhaktasimpose on it to take care of its Mandirs be damned.

Can you expect YSR to be sympathetic to Hindu causes?

How can you expect this christist YSR to besympathetic to Hindu causes, its institutions and thesentiments of its Bhaktas? It is a shame that the TTDshould allow him into the Hindu Mandir of Tirupatiwithout asking him to sign the mandatory declarationof his allegiance to the Bhagawan. Worse still, he isallowed to come alone and not escorted by his wife asa Grihasta should do, when he visits the Mandir togive the Vastram to the Bhagawan during theBrahmhotsavam. I am told that she is a devoutchristian and does not want perhaps to put up an actlike her husband, who is bound political and monetarycompulsions to deceive poor Hindus. I may be wrong onthis but I have not seen her with him during suchvisits to the Balaji Mandir.

Hindus should understand that this AP Govenment isheaded by a rabid christian who cohabits with thevirulent adventists silently promoting baptisms by thethousands in his State.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Arunchal Governor's remark on Naga integration destructive: NSCN (I-M)

Arunachal Pradesh Governor S.K. Singh's remark that Naga integration issue is bound to pass as a bad dream has been dismissed by the rebel NSCN (I-M) as a very destructive statement. Reiterating that the ultimate aspiration of the Naga people was to live as one people, the NSCN (I-M)'s MIP secretary Akaho Assumi said, "The Arunachal Pradesh Governor SK Singh is speaking the mindset of the right wing Indians which resulted in confrontation for more than five decades".

Comment: If the remarks by AP Governer is destructive, then what is constructive ? To demand for a United and Independent Nagalim is constructive ? Nagaland, where over 25,000 people have lost their lives to insurgency since independence in 1947, is a Christian-majority state of two million. And what NSCN is asking for is, the areas from the adjoining states to be incorporated in Nagalim and declare "Nagalim for Christ". So who has a secessionist and destructive mind. The NSCN or the AP Governer ? Instead of "Islamic republic" NSCN is asking for a "Christian republic". Let the Indians decide......We can not tolerate another partition based on Religions which have their loyalities to Vatican and Mecca-Medina.

Pakistan to insist on Indian troop withdrawal at Siachen talks

(ANI): During the talks on Siachen issue, which are to resume on May 26, Pakistan is likely to suggest that India should disengage its troops from the glacier and retract back to the positions held prior to the Simla agreement of 1972.

Quoting official sources, The News today reported that Pakistan would not authenticate India's present position in Siachen since "Indian forces acted as an aggressor in the area where the administration before 1984 was with Pakistan".

Comment: And what happened in 1948. Had Pakistanis not captured some parts of Kashmir, which is now called PoK. Was Pakistan and Bangladesh not part of Bharat ? How can we forget that the Muslims wanted a nation based on the religion and not Hindus !!! In fact Bharat should ask Pakistanis to return atleast the PoK to them... Else the day will come ... Jab Pakistan ko Pakistan se bhi haath dhona padega.

Muslims in Bihar protest against the Indian Army and Indian Courts

A Muslim organisation, All India Pasmanda Mahaz, in Bihar has protested the demolition of a 100-year-old mosque to make way for a stadium saying that it would launch a mass movement if it was not rebuilt. The mosque at the Danapur Cantt near here was demolished a few days by army officials.

"If a mosque is not rebuilt in the original place, we will launch a strong mass movement," an official of the organisation said. The group has said attempts were made to demolish the mosque in 1972 and 1985, but protests by locals foiled the moves.

In another incident a Bihar court's decision to jail a young Muslim man on charges of kidnapping his Hindu bride after they fell in love and married has sparked outrage from Muslims.

A court sent Mohammad Kamran to judicial custody until June 4. The sentencing took place Thursday, a day after he and his wife Sobhna were arrested Wednesday outside the office of the State Commission for Women here.

This followed a complaint of abduction by Sobhna's father Krishna Gupta. Gupta alleged that he feared his daughter would be "sold off" in a Muslim country.

Assam CM blames RSS-BJP for exodus of Bangladeshis

Assam chief minister Tarun Gogoi has blamed the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and Bharatiya Janata Party's Assam in-charge Pramod Mahajan for the recent exodus of Bangladeshi workers from certain parts of the state.

Bangaldeshi nationals working on brick kilns and pulling rickshaws in Dibrugarh, upper Assam, left last week after a unidentified local nationalist group circulated leaflets and SMSes urging people not to employ them.

Talking to media persons in Guwahati on Thursday, Gogoi said the brain behind the SMS threat was the RSS.

Comment: The stand of HinduWorld is that, it may be RSS, BJP or any other political or social organisation; whatever they have done is 100% correct. Why should Bangladeshis stay in the India? The answer is simple. To change the demography. The issue of illegal Bangladeshis assumes immense political ramifications in a state where minority Muslim votes have always been the deciding factor in any state elections. Muslims account for about 30 percent of Assam's 26 million people.

With assembly elections scheduled for early next year, the Congress party is trying its best to keep its traditional Muslim vote bank intact by taking a strident posture on the issue.

Will Hindus tolerate the Bangladeshis changing the demography of Assam (and other states) ? Remains to be seen .....

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Save the nation, save identity campaign - Thousands of Bangladeshis have fled Assam

Thousands of Bangladeshis have fled Assam following threats by anonymous groups against migrants and a campaign asking locals not to employ foreigners, officials and residents said. As reported earlier, The unidentified groups in the troubled state's Dibrugarh district have circulated leaflets and sent text messages on mobile phones in the past week, warning Bangladeshi nationals to leave immediately or face unspecified action.

Mobile phones in Assam are being flooded with text messages saying, "Save the nation, save identity. Let's take an oath ... no food, no job, no shelter to Bangladeshis" while leaflets seeking an "economic blockade" of the migrants are also being distributed.

"Many labourers working in brick kilns, rickshaws pullers and construction workers have fled in the past one week due to the threat," said P.C. Saloi, superintendent of police in Dibrugarh. Over the years, hundreds of thousands of illegal Bangladeshi migrants have swamped the tea-growing and oil-rich state in search for work and food. Though there are no officials figures of actual numbers of Bangladeshis in Assam, locals say their population could be six million of the state's 26 million people. "Every day around 6,000 illegal infiltrators cross the border and enter the state," said an intelligence official in Guwahati, the state's main city.

Comment: According to the government estimate of 2003, there could be up to 20 million illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in India, and labelled some of them a security risk. HinduWorld is happy to know that the people from one state thought of saving their nation, from changing demography, which usually ends up with secessionist demand like in 1947, when Islamic Republic of Pakistan was formed. The current social action reminds us of the the early 1980s, when the powerful All Assam Students Union launched a bloody campaign to push Bangladeshis back to their homeland. Thousands of Bangladeshis, including women and children, were massacred across the state by indigenous people who feared they would be reduced to a minority in their own land. The government and the students union signed a pact in 1985, but clauses on the deportation of foreigners have still not been implemented. All the Legal and judicial measures of deporting illegal Bangladeshi settlers from the country have failed.. and hence this social action is justifiable.

Save the nation, save identity. Let's take an oath ... no food, no job, no shelter to Bangladeshis

Should Hindus forget the massacres in Kashmir ?

The Jammu and Kashmir government says it is determined to see that Hindu Pandits who fled the Kashmir Valley in the wake of the Islamic Terrorism in 1989 return to their homes. Government officials say they have plans to initially help some 2,000 of the tens of thousands who fled the region to return to the places where their families had lived for generations.Half of them would be welcomed to the valley next month. An estimated 350,000 Pandits fled the valley in 1990 following death threats from Islamic militants. Many today live in cities such as Jammu and New Delhi.

Comment : Should we Hindus forget the massacre of 24 Hindus in the south Kashmir village of Nadimarg in March 2003. Why does the state government wants hindus to return.. to get killed ? So that in future, they can declare that the remaining Hindus who had fled in 1989 onwards, came back and are now killed. And then the evergreen demand of Muslims that Kashmir should become a Islamic state... in the coming future... But that will not happen, because it is not 1947, it is 2005 and the Hindus know the tactics of the Muslims, very well now...

Yes, Hindus will return back to Kashmir (including PoK) one day.. and that will be the start of the end of Islam.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Can a non-Muslim harass a Muslim in India ?

(IANS) The Assam government Wednesday announced the formation of vigilance groups to prevent harassment of genuine Indians in the name of hounding suspected Bangladeshi nationals from the state.

"The vigilance committees will comprise representatives of political parties, eminent citizens, police and members of social organisations to monitor the process of identification of suspected Bangladeshi migrants in each and every district of the state," Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi told IANS.

The formation of the vigilance committees comes in the wake of reports of harassment of Indian citizens in the name of evicting illegal Bangladeshi settlers from Assam. Thousands of suspected Bangladeshi migrant workers have been fleeing Assam for the past week after an unidentified group distributed leaflets asking them to leave or face action.

The group has been sending messages through mobile telephones and distributing handbills asking locals not to employ "illegal foreigners".

On Tuesday, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) joined the chorus of protest by giving an ultimatum to suspected Bangladeshi nationals to leave Assam by June 7. "We would not be responsible for any untoward incidents if they do not leave," the VHP warned in statement.

Comment: Let us see whether VHP sticks to the word and enforces kicking out the Bangaldeshis.

The All Assam Minority Students' Union (AAMSU), an influential students' group representing minority Muslim and non-Assamese speaking communities in the state, has also called for a 10-hour general strike in Assam on May 24 on the issue. "We have reports of harassment and torture on genuine Indians by unidentified persons in the name of driving away Bangladeshi nationals," AAMSU president N.U. Ahmed said.

Comment: Can a non-Muslim harass a Muslim in India. That is a news for us.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

'US must tell Pakistan that Kashmir is inviolable'

(IANS) A former US National Security Council member says Washington must convince Pakistan to accept that Kashmir's boundaries will never be redrawn. Ashley Tellis, who has also served as adviser to former US ambassador to India Robert Blackwill, also wants America to emphasize that military assistance to Pakistan does not mean ignoring the advance of democracy and is not a free ticket to building anti-India tactics.

The US strategy for remaking South Asia is also on the right track and depends on how Washington handles strategic dialogues to enable India to become an economic powerhouse and recognise its nuclear ambition, says Tellis.

While he welcomes the new strategy that essentially de-hyphenates relations with the two South Asian countries, Tellis outlines the risks in a new policy paper entitled, "South Asian Seesaw: A New US Policy on the Subcontinent" and gives detailed recommendations for implementing the controversial strategy.

Tellis articulates the concerns Indian policymakers have voiced to the Bush administration - that among the risks of pumping up Pakistan with F-16 sales are those that existed before - Islamabad may begin posturing with India again and its military may interpret this as yet another sign that democracy takes backstage in US policy towards that country.

Washington needs to have a "serious, private conversation" with Pakistan about the envisioned political objectives plus pressure Pakistan to reach an accommodation with India over Kashmir.
"Given the current political facts of life in the subcontinent, any settlement will require Islamabad to accept the fact that it will never secure control of the disputed state (or its prized valley) by any means. Consequently, Pakistan will have to make its peace with reality by redefining the meaning of victory in terms of some criterion other than territorial control or fundamental changes in the existing patterns of sovereignty," Tellis contends.

India and Pakistan present "different kinds of strategic opportunities for the United States", notes Tellis, addressing the rationale behind the current Washington policy.
And in enabling India to rise to global power status, "Washington thus has clearly placed its biggest bets on New Delhi, expecting that transformed bilateral relations would aid India in a manner that would ultimately advance America's own global interests with respect to defeating terrorism, arresting further proliferation, and preserving a stable balance of power in Asia over the long term."

But, he notes, Washington has no illusions that New Delhi will march to its tune, rather, India will follow its own drummer. "The administration has concluded, however - and correctly - that a strong and independent India represents a strategic asset, even when it remains only a partner and not a formal ally," Tellis surmises, based on a belief that the two democracies have a synergy of interests.

Handpicked by Blackwill when he was in the Rand Corporation researching India's nuclear strategy, Tellis also worked for a short while at President George W. Bush's National Security Council before moving to Carnegie. He concludes that despite the Bush administration portraying its India policy as long debated and well thought out, "it was probably far more improvisational than would be conceded".

The Mumbai-born Tellis, who has a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, says the lack of an outcry from India when the Bush administration decided to sell F-16 aircraft to Pakistan, was the result of a new and largely unreported US strategy for remaking the South Asian region, namely, to advance India as a global power, while assisting Pakistan in becoming a successful state.

He attributes the new South Asia policy to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Deputy Secretary of State Robert Zoellick and Counsellor Philip Zelikow, who in effect, executed the "president's long-standing desire for a transformed relationship with India". To accelerate India's rise to great-power status, he argues, Washington should use the three strategic dialogues on energy, security, and economics to initiate policy shifts that will have the effect of accelerating Indian economic growth, integrating India into the global nuclear regime, and promoting rapid technological change in India.

Concurrently, the US commitment of economic and military aid to Pakistan ought to be oriented towards strengthening Pakistan and promoting regional stability.
With India, "The strategic dialogue will focus on global security issues, including India's quest for permanent UN Security Council membership, future defence cooperation, high-technology trade, and space-related collaboration as well as regional issues pertaining to security in and around South Asia," he says.

But he acknowledges there will be tensions particularly in the nuclear field where the existing Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty regime will come in conflict with accommodating India's aspirations, but advises the Bush administration to follow a flexible approach, particular in light of India's "impeccable" record of nuclear safeguards.

Washington would need to "artfully" bring in its nuclear allies, especially those in the Nuclear Suppliers Group, to seek limited exceptions such as providing India with safeguarded nuclear fuel and technology in exchange for bringing its power reactors under safeguards.
The dramatic change in US policy toward India could also jeopardise relations with China, Tellis warns and advises Washington to move prudently, always keeping its own interests in view rather than fearing Chinese wrath.

But the greatest danger to the new policy, Tellis contends, is from its own demise, because at the moment, the policy is more a statement of intent rather than real policy and that critics in the Indian administration are pointing to tangible results for Pakistan even as New Delhi awaits the benefits. And it is entirely possible that the Bush administration may fail to get the flexibility in nuclear regimes, the cooperation needed in space exploration, etc., and the intent dies with it.

Monday, May 16, 2005

LeT militant arrested in New Delhi

New Delhi, May 16 (ANI):
Delhi Police said today that they had arrested a Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) militant, an associate of the three alleged militants killed in a shootout in March this year. Mohammad Haroon Rashid alias Farooq, an engineer by profession with the Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, was arrested on Saturday night at the international airport here.

Karnail Singh, Joint Commissioner of Police, Special Cell, Delhi Police, said Rashid, currently working in Singapore, also provided technical inputs apart from financing the activities of other LeT activists.

"He was the one who provided money to the slain militants. On record he had sent 98,000 rupees to the militants.The total money given to him, he had got 14,000 Singapore dollars from which 4,000 dollars had been sent.He had 10,000 dollars hidden in a powder box which we have recovered. His basic idea was, as he was a mechanical engineer, to provide technical assistance like he was asked about the plane. With his arrest, we have nabbed one more activist of Lashkar-e-Taiba and further investigations are on," said Singh. He said further interrogation was going on to know Rashid's exact operations.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Paswan reiterates demand for Muslim CM in Bihar

Reiterating his demand for a Muslim Chief Ministerial candidate in Bihar, Union Steel Minister and LJP supremo Ram Vilas Paswan, has accused Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav of using the minority as vote bank.

"We will neither take or give support to the Rashtriya Janata Dal. But for the good of the minorities of the state, we want that a Muslim becomes the state chief, there is a secular government and the assembly is not dissolved. That is why we are bowing down to give support to the Congress. We want that there be a stable government," Paswan said.

Comment: Why not have all CMs and Governers as Muslims or Christians ? After all Hindus are secular. Let us see how far do the Hindus tolerate this !!!

Friday, May 13, 2005

Bangladeshi exodus from Assam after SMS, leaflets

Bangladeshi exodus from Assam after SMS, leaflets. So when will that happen in other states of India.

Guwahati, May 13 (IANS) Hundreds of suspected Bangladeshi migrant workers have fled an Assamese city following threats from an unidentified group asking locals not to employ "illegal foreigners".

Maybe a few hundred suspected Bangladeshi nationals working in brick kilns and doing menial jobs have fled Dibrugarh town during the last few days," Assam Inspector General of Police Khagen Sharma told IANS. "We are not sure where they have gone," he added.

Comment: If they have gone back to Bangladesh, then its OK. If not, then these Bangladeshis are still a threat to India.

For the past fortnight, an unidentified group in Dibrugarh district, 490 km from Guwahati, has been circulating leaflets and sending messages on mobile telephones warning "all illegal Bangladeshi nationals" to leave Assam or face action.

Comment: Yes, they should either given a option to leave or thown in the "Bay of Bengal"

"Let's take an oath... no job, no food, no shelter to any Bangladeshi. Start a complete economic blockade against the illegal immigrants," a leaflet doing the rounds in Dibrugarh read. Police in Dibrugarh said many brick kilns in the district have since closed down and there is a crisis for commuters in the city because cycle rickshaws have gone off the roads due to manpower shortage.

Comment: So if there is a shortage of manpower, let all Assamese put more efforts and ready to do any work which will put their state back to normalcy.

We have heard about messages asking Bangladeshis to leave. This is a social action and we do not like to comment on this," Home Secretary V.K. Duggal told journalists in Guwahati.

Comment: Mr.Home Secretary, you better not comment. Let people of Assam decide on their own, what to do and what not !!!

We are continuing erecting quality barbed fencings along the border to prevent illegal infiltration and at the same time using legal and judicial measures to deport Bangladeshi settlers from here." Assam shares a 272 km border with Bangladesh, a vast stretch remaining unfenced. India often claims that large-scale infiltration from across the border was threatening the region's demographic profile.

There are no official estimates to the actual number of Bangladeshi migrants residing in Assam although Governor Ajai Singh has reportedly said that up to 6,000 illegal infiltrators enter the state daily.

NSCN-IM threatens to go underground

NSCN (I-M) is threatening to go underground if their demands were not met soon. The National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN) led by terrorist leaders Isak Chishi Swu and Thuingaleng Muivah have ended a fresh round of talks with Indian government peace negotiators in New Delhi earlier this week.

The three regional governments of Assam, Manipur, and Arunachal Pradesh have already rejected the NSCN demand for unification of Naga dominated areas, which NSCN keeps on reiterating. Nagaland, where more than 25,000 people have lost their lives to insurgency since India's independence from Britain in 1947, is a majority Christian state of two million people.

NSCN-IM spokesperson Kraibo Chawang told IANS over the phone from Nagaland's commercial hub of Dimapur, "Our collective leadership said we should be prepared to face any eventualities and if the situation and the circumstances demand we shall have to take up arms once again for the cause that we have been fighting for......"

Comment: .... and what are they fighting for... Nagalim for Christ.. In short asking for a Christian republic of Christland, like the Muslims wanted and got Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Fencing along Indo-Bangladesh border begins in Mizoram

ANI reports that, In view of rising influx of Bangladeshis in the India territory the Centre has begun work on sealing the porous Indo-Bangladesh border in Mizoram. That seems to be a welcome news.

Followed by the survey and a go-head instruction from the Union Home Ministry, the National Buildings Construction Corporation Ltd. (NBCC) and the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) have begun work on sealing the Indo-Bangladesh border in Mizoram.

According to the statistics, the Northeast shares more than 1800-kilomter border with Bangaladesh and Mizoram in the fourth state in the area where the border is being fenced. Fencing has been going on in Assam, Tripura and Meghalaya for the past few years.

India tests Prithvi missile

India tested the surface-to-surface missile Prithvi in Orissa, military officials said on 12 May 2005. The testing took place at Chandipur in Balasore district. The missile, with a range of 150 to 250 km, was fired at 1.04 p.m.

Prithvi has been developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation under the integrated guided missile development programme.

NSCN reiterates secession from India.

From NSCN HQs at Camp Hebron (which is Near Dimapur), May 12 ANI reports that continuing the tenor and tempo of his unusually tough posturing made against New Delhi since he landed in Nagaland yesterday, general secretary of the NSCN (I-M) Th. Muivah once again tried to send across an unassumingly strong message to New Delhi that the NSCN (I-M) would not accept any kind of deal which goes against its core aspirations.

And what are these core aspirations... Nagalim for Christ.. In short asking for a Christian republic of Christland, like the Muslims wanted and got Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Muivah is also openly terrorising the Government of India by saying that, the Centre should not look for protracted measures like "consensus (among the states of the region)" or impose the Indian Constitution.

And the Indian Government is shamelessly talking to such sessionist and terrorist group like NSCN.

India tests Prithvi missile

India tested the surface-to-surface missile Prithvi in Orissa, military officials said. The testing took place at Chandipur in Balasore district. The missile, with a range of 150 to 250 km, was fired at 1.04 p.m on 12 May 2005.

Prithvi has been developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation under the integrated guided missile development programme.

Surrendered NE tribals reveal anti India activities in Bangladesh

Two hardcore tribals belonging to the Biswamohan faction of the banned separatist organization, the National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT) surrendered here last week. Incidentally, this is the second time in two weeks that tribals laid down their arms in Tripura. Tripura, as part of its policy, provides general amnesty and rehabilitation to surrendered tribals.

One fact that tribals told was that Bangladesh provides its soil to the tribals and other terorists, who want secession from India, for carrying on their anti-India activities.

"I saw our leader Biswamohan at Dhaka. I had joined militancy with the idea to create a separate tribal land but on realizing that it is impossible, made up my mind to return to a normal peaceful life, said Kamalakant Debbarma, a surrendered militant from NLFT.

We have been putting substantial pressure on them, both security forces and Assam rifles and they have surrendered to us also because of the rehabilitation package the state government has announced, said Brigadier Abhay Ranjan, Commander, 21 Assam Rifles Range (IANS reports)

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

A "white spot" on "green image"

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Suresh Mehta 10th May 2005, again endorsed senior party leader Pramod Mahajan's damning condemnation of the 2002 Gujarat communal violence as a "black spot".

What about the barbaric act of Islamic terrorism in which 58 Hindus were killed by a mob of 2000 Muslims? Was the killing of Hindus by burning them alive; a "white spot" on "green image" ?

Future trend: Using Coloured water against Islamic Terrorists.

Moving away from batons and bullets, the Jammu-Kashmir police here introduced cannons that spray coloured water on mobs and leave the stain on clothes as "criminal" evidence.

This is the first time Police have used colours. It was the traders, this time.. the Islamic Terrorists next time.. Although the media will not take a notice of this, because they were traders, but what will happen if they are the ( supporters of ) Islamic Terrorists, blocking roads and carrying violent street protests.

The Islamic Terrorists while have their clothes coloured by Police, that too free of charge. So now the terroists, instead of having "blood" colour of innocents on their clothes, will also have some other colours on their clothes. Will it be all shades of green ?

Shameless Indian Government invites Pakistani experts

Pakistani irrigation experts have accepted an invitation by India to visit the site of the disputed Kishanganga Dam in Kashmir, which Islamabad says is violative of the 1960 Indus Water Treaty(IWT).

Once completed, the dam will generate power using water from the Jhelum River. D.K. Mehta, head of the Indian delegation which discussed the issue with their Pakistani counterparts, said that an invitation had been extended to the Pakistani experts to inspect the dam in July.

This is the second time the Pakis have taken objections. Islamabad has also objected to the Baglihar Dam that is coming up on Chenab River, fearing it will deprive its farmers of water.

Now let us see the other side. A amusement park in Pakistan, being developed adjacent to the ruins of the 5,000-year-old Harappa civilisation is being scrapped, even as details are emerging about how it was initiated. Work on the amusement park was halted after diggings in the area threw up new discoveries of priceless objects like statues of gods and goddesses, toys, wheels, pottery and bangles.

Was India consulted, since new discoveries were directly related to Hindus inhabiting the land 5000 years back ?

So why were Pakis invited? Why are we worried, if the Pakis are affected or not ? Do they also invite Indians for settling any such issues ?

What about the Indian concern of cross-border Islamic terrorism ?

Monday, May 09, 2005

Hindu Gods appearing on French Shoes -- HHR Release

HHR Press Release, 9 May 2005

Protest against Hindu Gods appearing on French Shoes

Despite our campaign last year against the use of images of Hindudeities on underwear garments, it has come to our attention thatonce again another company here in the West is producing andmarketing similar products which are both degrading and offensive toHindus. Minelli, a France-based shoes retailer, has chosen to usesacred images of Lord Ram, venerated by millions of Hindus the worldover, to sell its designer shoes. This is in spite of our well knowncampaign to highlight how such trivialisation of Hinduism leadsdirectly and indirectly to the abuse of Hindus the world over. Suchignorance leads us to believe that this same organisation isprobably both indifferent and apathetic to the immense suffering ofHindus: the ethnic cleansing they have suffered in Pakistan, Kashmirand Bangladesh, and the discrimination they suffer at the hands ofMinelli's very own fellow Europeans. Indeed sometimes Western firmsseem totally devoid of all understanding when it comes to the oldestcivilisation on the planet.

For this reason we ask Minelli to respectfully withdraw theoffending products and issue an immediate apology. HHR also requests all Hindus to contact Minelli to make theirfeelings known on this subject.

According to their website, Minelli can be contacted as the detailsbelow:

Siège social Minelli155, rue du Dirigeable - Z.I. Les Paluds13685 AUBAGNE Cedex - FRANCE

Tél. : (33) 4 42 84 33 50Fax : (33) 4 42 70 45 20

Hindu Human Rights,
Serving Hindus Worldwide

Saturday, May 07, 2005

How christian CM-YSR systematically promotes christian interests in TTD

Y "Samuel" Rajasekhara Reddy (YSR), the CM of AndhraPradesh, is proving to be the greatest facilitator ofchristian missionary work in Andhra.Readers will recall that just a few days ago, heensured the entry of JRG Wealth Management Limited,organization owned by a Kochi based syrian christian,G B Mathew, into the decision making and procurementprocess of Prasadam materials for Ugranam of theBhagawan Venkateshwara Mandir in Tirupati.

And now, he has gone ahead in bringing in a dealbetween the SVIMS (Sri Venkateshwara Institute ofMedical Sciences owned and run by the TTD) and theFrontier Lifeline and Dr K.M. Cherian Heart Foundationof Chennai. Dr Cherian is a christian and the founderof Madras Medical Mission, a true missionary hospitalin Chennai. This telemedicine facility was inauguratedby YSR yesterday, with his interaction with Dr Cherianand his team through video conference.

While I do not intend to belittle the professionalcompetance of Dr Cherian, I am amazed and deeply hurtthat the CM could not pick up Hospitals owned and runby Hindus for a tie up with a premier institutionowned by one of the most sacred Mandirs of the Hindus.And the money for which comes from common HinduBhaktas like you and me. There are atleast a dozen ormore institutions that can match up, rival and evensurpass the facilities offered by Dr Cherian and his team.

Perhaps, YSR does not consider hospitals owned and runby Hindus as worthy of this alliance. Hospitals ofeminence like the Apollo Hospitals (Incidentally, theChairman, Dr Pratap C Reddy comes from Aragonda, about40 Kms from Tirupathi and Apollo has a hospitalfacility at Aragonda also), Sri Ramachandra MedicalCollege and Hospitals, Sri Sai Baba's wonderfulhospital at Puttaparthi, Mata Amritanandamayi'sHospital at Kochi, Narayana Hridayalaya of Bangalore,the Escorts Hospital or for that matter any superspeciality hospital run by Hindus in his capitalcity- Hyderabad, as worthy of associating withSVIMS.

YSR has also laid foundations for construction ofVasantha Mandapam in Tirumala, renovation andconstruction of a new building for the SriVenkateshwara Oriental College in Tirupati etc., Oneshould get into the details of which firm ofcontractors has been awarded with the contract forconstruction.

I will not be surprised if the study would revealchristians being the benefactors of such contracts.Cost of the projects- Rs 109 Crores.The converts like YSR are under constant compulsion toprove their loyalty to the church.

What next Reddy? Affliliate the TTD Veda Patashala tothe Vatican?

Go ahead. No body will raise their little finger inprotest as you systematically siphon Mandir funds forproselytization.I am sure that by the end of his tenure, he willannexe TTD to Opus Dei.

Perhaps, with Hindu passivity at such a peak, he mighteven manage to replace the Shanku/Chakra with the cross.

Bhagawan Balaji, Hum Hinduom ko kuch SadbhuddhiDijiye. Aur Hindu Organizations ko kuch BuddhiDijiye.

Posted by Shri Badri Ji

Friday, May 06, 2005

Bangladeshis are carrying out Jihad in North-East India.

Suraj Lal Pashi was stabbed to death by a group of Bangladeshis nearKaraitali, a border village in north Tripura district, police said on 06 May 2005.

A group of Indian villagers, which was searching for their cattle,hadcrossed the border fencing at Karaitali on 04 May, when a fewBangladeshis dragged Suraj Lal Pashi into their territory, they said. Pashi's body, with injury marks, was found in the area the next day, police said.

On April 16, Assistant Commandant Jeevan Kumar of the Border SecurityForce was dragged into Bangladeshi territory and killed.

The BDR and the Bangladeshi civilians are carrying out Jihad in the North-East India and we are Indian Government is silent on these incidences.

Netaji probe panel ready with its report

KOLKATA: The Mukherjee Commission probing the mysterious disappearance of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose today said it was ready to submit its final report by May 14 deadline even as the Centre was yet to respond to appeals by Forward Bloc to extend its term. "The Commission will submit its final report, which is ready, by May 14 since no official communication has been received as yet for extending its term further," Justice M K Mukherjee told PTI.

Set up in 1999 by the NDA government, the probe panel wound up the hearing process on February 22, six days ahead of schedule and began preparing its final report from March one.The Commission had visited Taiwan in January this year and wanted to visit Russia for some more material relating to Netaji which could not have been done before the end of May due to acute cold there.

Forward Bloc, a party founded by Netaji, had earlier demanded that the term of the commission be extended to enable it to visit Russia to get the required inputs for completing the investigation.The demand came after the Commission, during its visit to Taiwan, found that there was no official record of any air crash at Taipei airport on August 18, 1945, in which Netaji was believed to been killed. PTI NEWS

Also read:
Bose, The Forgotten Hero

Maoists kill top Hindu leader in Nepal

Suspected Maoist rebels shot dead one of Nepal's top Hindu priests as he conducted a ceremony in a temple on 06 May 2005, the military said. It was the first time a religious leader has been targeted in the Maoist insurgency in the world's only Hindu nation. The army said assailants gunned down Narayan Pokharel, chief of the Nepal wing of the World Hindu Federation and a well known religious scholar, in the western town of Butwal soon after dawn.

A HINDU NATION IS ALREADY IN DANGER BECAUSE OF MAOIST VIOLENCE. The Indian Government should act now and support Nepal King to flush-out the Maoists from Nepal, else it will be too late. ISI with its network already established in Nepal will take the advantage of this situation and further destablise Nepal.

Read more:

Why is ISI supporting and funding Maoists ?
ISI is trying to carve out a corridor from South to North of India.
The growth of Saudi-Paki funded Madarsas and the nexus with Al-Qaida.

Israeli airline wants dargah at Kurla razed

MID-DAY News: Israel has taken its security concerns to new heights (literally). The country’s national carrier, El Al, has asked that a dargah near the Sahar airport be demolished, as it could be the base for a terrorist attack. The request was made to the Central Industrial Security Force and Airport Authority of India. “This is one more absurd request the airline has made. Earlier, they wanted guards posted at the Juhu aerodrome, fearing a terrorist attack,” said an airport official.

The dargah in question is the Jari Mari Dargah, and has a small masjid within its precincts, where prayers are performed regularly. Situated on a hillock in the Bail Bazaar area of Kurla (W), the dargah is located close to the airport’s main runway and offers a clear view of the airport.

The imam of the masjid, however, dismissed the possibility of a terrorist attack and said the place was used by locals after their daily prayers.Confirming the airline’s request, Anil Kumar, senior commandant, CISF, Mumbai airport, said the threat perception to El Al was higher than any other airline.

Next in line are American airlines and British ones. “We have also identified the place as a security threat, since it is situated on a hillock,” he said.EI AI is known for its extreme security measures. During check-in, the airline cordons off the entire check-in area and posts a vehicle outside the airport to look out for any suspicious activity, said airport officials.The company was not available for comment.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Quote of the day

Arise, Awake and Stop not till the Goal is reached-- Swami Vivekanand.

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Sati Savitri and Satyavan story quoted by Justice Kapadia

The Supreme Court, acting on the belief of a lady that her husband was alive despite the official position that he died in the 1971 Indo-Pak war, has asked the Ministry of External Affairs and the Border Security Force (BSF) to continue the search for the soldier. Dealing with a petition filed by Angerj Kaur seeking a direction for release of her husband from a Pakistani Jail, a Bench comprising Justice Arijit Pasayat and Justice S H Kapadia said "in mythology Sati Savitri's prayer ensured that her husband Satyavan escaped the jaws of death."

According to the petitioner, her husband Surjit Singh, A BSF soldier, was reported missing in December 1971. The authorities declared him dead and granted her family pension.In spite of all these, Kaur believed that her husband was alive and was pleasantly surprised when one Khushi Mohammed, who had returned from a jail in Pakistan in 2004 after 14 years, recognised the photograph of Surjit Singh and said that he was lodged in "Kot Lakhpat Rai Jail".

Two more prisoners released by Pakistan also recognised her husband's photograph and when her representations to the authorities for his release from Pakistani jail did not evoke any positive response, she approached the apex Court with a habeas corpus petition.Disposing the petition, the Bench said "the authorities shall continue the efforts to find out the actual position and expeditiously intimate the petitioner, the results of the efforts/inquiries made by them."

Amarnath yatra to begin on June 21

The annual Amarnath Yatra this year will commence from June 21 and will continue for two months, unlike the usual period of one month. The decision was taken by the Amarnath Shrine Board and has been conveyed to the Jammu and Kashmir government for making necessary security and other arrangements. The pilgrimage to the Holy Cave shrine situated at an altitude of 3,800 metres in the mountains will conclude on Raksha Bandhan day on August 19, they said. The pilgrimage attracts lakhs of devotees from across the country, with over 1.25 faithful undertaking the yatra within last year only.

Design of spacecraft for 'Moon Mission' is complete: ISRO

PTI News: Sriharikota (AP), May 5
Indian Space Research Organisation was progressing well on the 'moon mission' and had completed the design of the spacecraft for the project, ISRO Chairman G Madhavan Nair said today. "One of the important ground element is the deep space tracking network. A huge antenna with about 34 metre diametres is being designed in the country," he told a press conference here.

"We have organisations like Bhabha Atomic Research Centre as partners in this and we hope this will also come on time. So the progress of the 'Chandrayan' mission is on the dot," he added. Nair said ISRO had received about 32 proposals for auxillary pay loads for moon mossion. "We have shortlisted six proposals of which two from US are under final consideration," he said.

Asked about the involement of the industry in the space programmes, Nair said that most of the production jobs in the launch vehicle was done by the industry. "Only final phase of the integration and some difficult and hazardous operations were done by us," he said adding "we are trying to improve the industrial participation to the maximum." Asked about next launches, he said that ISRO had lined up two launches -- GSLV and PSLV. The GSLV Mark III was slated to be launched in second half of 2007.

India developing supersonic fighter aircraft

A supersonic single-engine fighter aircraft is being developed by India, the government told the Lok Sabha on Thursday, 05 May 2005. In a written reply, Defence Minister Pranab Mukherjee quoted Chinese media reports as saying that China and Pakistan were jointly developing China’s new generation fighter plane Xiaolong/FC-I (or Fierce Dragon).

On development of supersonic fighter by India, he said it was a complex process and would take considerable time. “The programme is progressing satisfactorily,” he added.

India launches high-tech imaging satellite

India's space agency launched a high-tech mapping satellite on 05 May 2005 that could track every house and street in the nation of over a billion people. The CARTOSAT-1, carried by an indigenous rocket, signals an advanced effort by India to get into the lucrative business of satellite launch services and using space technology for rural and urban development.

The rocket carrying the 1.5 tonne satellite blasted off at 10:14 a.m. from the spaceport village of Sriharikota, some 100 km north of Madras on the Bay of Bengal coast.

A version of the launch rocket, called the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV), will also be used in India's first mission to the moon expected in 2007 or 2008. CARTOSAT-1, which is intended to reach an orbit of 618 km above earth, represents the highest payload carried so far by the PSLV. The satellite mounted with two cameras for "stereographic" imaging can take photos of cars on the ground, though not their number plates. It can capture visual features down to 2.5 metres across, officials of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) said.

Along with CARTOSAT-1, HAMSAT, a 42.5-kg micro-satellite was also launched to help amateur radio operators across South Asia.

Bose, The Forgotten Hero


The premier of Shyam Benegal's film "Bose, The Forgotten Hero", to be held here 05 May 2005, failed to take place. Sahara One Motion Pictures, the producers of the film, had claimed that their mega premiere show on the sprawling Eastern Command Ground here would create a world record for headcount. The release of the film, which was completed long back, has been deferred time and again owing to one reason or the other, including legal impediments. "We have deferred the premiere. We will hold it sometime later this month. We could not get the (Army) ground," a spokesman of Sahara India told IANS.

But he is not a Forgotten Hero for the public.

Known as Netaji (leader), Subhash Chandra Bose was a fierce and popular leader and a great revolutionary. He was the president of the Indian National Congress in 1937 and 1939. He followed the path which no one even could have thought of and founded a nationalist force called the Indian National Army (Azad Hind Fauj). Had India got Independence because of his armed struggle, India would have been a strong nation and perhaps would have been amongst the top five.

Subhas Chandra was born on January 23rd 1897 in Cuttack (in present day Orissa). A brilliant student, he topped the matriculation examination of Calcutta province and passed his B.A. in Philosophy from the Presidency College in Calcutta. He was strongly influenced by Swami Vivekananda's teachings and was known for his patriotic zeal as a student. His parents' wishes kept him away from the Indian freedom struggle and led him into studies for the Indian Civil Service in England. He stood fourth in those examinations.

He returned to India, being deeply disturbed by the Jallianwalla Bagh massacre by General Dyer in 1919. He came under the influence of Mahatma Gandhi and joined the Indian National Congress. He was elected president of the Indian National Congress twice in 1937 and in 1939, the second time defeating Gandhiji's nominee.

Bose advocated complete freedom for India at the earliest, whereas the Congress Committee wanted it in phases, through a Dominion status. Other younger leaders including Jawaharlal Nehru supported Bose and finally at the historic Lahore Congress convention, the Congress had to adopt Poorna Swaraj (complete freedom) as its motto.

Gandhi’s Salt Satyagraha Movement (1930) again found Subhas in the thick of the fight, and the Government arrested him and lodged him in jail. When the Satyagraha Movement was called off in March 1931 upon the conclusion of the Gandhi-Irwin Pact, Subhas, who, along with others, was also set at liberty, raised his voice in protest against the Pact and the suspension of the movement, specially when patriots like Bhagat Singh and his associates had not been saved from the gallows. He was imprisoned and expelled from India. But defying the ban, he came back to India and was imprisoned again! In fact Bose was jailed eleven times between 1920 and 1941.During the World War II, Bose warned the Indian people and the British against dragging India into the war and the material losses she could incur. He brought a resolution to give the British six months to hand India over to the Indians, failing which there would be a revolt. There was much opposition to his rigid stand, and he resigned from the post of president and formed a progressive group known as the Forward Block (1939).

The second World War broke out in September of 1939. As predicted by Bose, India was declared as a warring state (on behalf of the British) by the Governor General, without consulting Indian leaders. Subhas Chandra Bose started a mass movement against utilizing Indian resources and men for the great war. There was a tremendous response to his call and the British promptly imprisoned him . He took to a hunger-strike, and after his health deteriorated on the 11th day of fasting, he was freed and was placed under house arrest. The British were afraid of violent reactions in India, should something happen to Bose in prison.

Bose suddenly disappeared in the beginning of 1941 and it was not until many days that authorities realized Bose was not inside the house they were guarding! He traveled by foot, car and train and resurfaced in Kabul (now in Afghanistan), only to disappear once again. In November 1941, his broadcast from German radio sent shock waves among the British and electrified the Indian masses who realized that their leader was working on a master plan to free their motherland. It also gave fresh confidence to the revolutionaries in India who were challenging the British in many ways.

The Axis powers (mainly Germany) assured Bose military and other help to fight the British. Japan by this time had grown into another strong world power, occupying key colonies of Dutch, French, and British colonies in Asia. Bose had struck alliance with Germany and Japan. He rightly felt that his presence in the East would help his countrymen in freedom struggle and second phase of his saga began. It is told that he was last seen on land near Keil canal in Germany, in the beginning of 1943. A most hazardous journey was undertaken by him under water, covering thousands of miles, crossing enemy territories. He was in the Atlantic, the Middle East, Madagascar and the Indian ocean. Battles were being fought over land, in the air and there were mines in the sea.

At one stage he traveled 400 miles in a rubber dinghy to reach a Japanese submarine, which took him to Tokyo. He was warmly received in Japan and was declared the head of the Indian army, which consisted of about 40,000 soldiers from Singapore and other eastern regions. Bose called it the Indian National Army (INA) and a government by the name "Azad Hind Government" was declared on the 21st of October 1943. INA freed the Andaman and Nicobar islands from the British, and were renamed as Swaraj and Shaheed islands. The Government started functioning.

Bose wanted to free India from the Eastern front. He had taken care that Japanese interference was not present from any angle. Army leadership, administration and communications were managed only by Indians. Subhash Brigade, Azad Brigade and Gandhi Brigade were formed. INA marched through Burma and occupied Coxtown on the Indian Border. A touching scene ensued when the solders entered their 'free' motherland. Some lay down and kissed, some placed pieces of mother earth on their heads, others wept. They were now inside of India and were determined to drive out the British! Delhi Chalo (Let's march to Delhi) was the war cry.

An unparalleled example of the declaration of Independent Indian government with a cabinet & its own army was seen in form of the Indian National Army under the leadership of Subhash Chanda Bose. It literally had a military attack on British India & had confronted them till Imphal. With the help from Germany & active support from Japan, they shook the very foundation of the British Empire.

The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki changed the history of humankind. Japan had to surrender. Bose was in Singapore at that time and decided to go to Tokyo for his next course of action. Reportedly, the plane he boarded crashed near Taipei and he died in the hospital of severe burns on 18 August 1945. He was just 48. Nobody took pain at that time to investigate deeply into the conspiracy of assasinating Netaji. Was the assasination plot hatched by Indian National Congress ?

Blast at Kashmir Hindu wedding kills two, wounds 17

JAMMU, India

Reuters has reported that two teenage girls were killed and 17 people were wounded in Indian Kashmir when a bomb planted by Muslim separatists went off at a Hindu wedding, police said on Thursday, 05 May 2005. "This blast was caused by an improvised explosive device. It was planted by separatists at the marriage function," a police officer told Reuters. The explosion took place late on Wednesday at a Hindu wedding feast in Lower Matta village, 145 km north of Jammu.

Two of the three wars between India and Pakistan since they gained independence in 1947 have been over Kashmir. More than 45,000 people have been killed since 1989 by the Islamic terrorists, who get a active support from Pakistan and other Islamic countries.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Pakis from PoK claiming lands in Jammu and Kashmir

Virtually restraining the Jammu and Kashmir Government from dealing with the applications made by visitors from Pak-occupied Kashmir (PoK) claiming back their ancestral property, the Supreme Court today issued notices to the state Government and the Centre.

Giving them a week's time to file responses to an application on the issue by J&K National Panthers Party, a Bench comprising Justice N Santosh Hegde and Justice S B Sinha reminded the State Government about an apex Court order staying the Resettlement Act allowing residents from PoK to settle back in the State.

"How can those who take the bus route and come on a tourist permit make claim for the evacuee properties," the Bench observed when petitioner, through its president Bhim Singh, sought an interim order restraining State Government from passing any order on the applications made by the visitors. The Court would hear the matter again on May 12.

"In view of the fact that this court has stayed the J&K Resettlement Act, we find no reason to pass any interim order," the Bench said Appearing for the State, advocate Anis Suhrawardy said the Government would take no decision on the applications submitted by the visitors from the PoK in view of the earlier stay operating on the Resettlement Act.

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